Wallpaper knife

ID 884
MOT V 98.0025 L=16cm WD=2,3cm WT=36gr. Inscription: DÉPOSÉ ROUGIER ET PLE 13 Bd. FILLES DU CALVAIRE - PARIS.
MOT V 98.0027 a-b2 L=22cm WD=2cm WT=100gr. Inscription: 520.246 00 Bastis Ikea Made in Sweden.

With the wallpaper knife you can easily cut along the plinth and ceiling, along door and window frames, around switches and the like while applying wallpaper, just like with a paper hanger's casing knife.

The handle and holder of this hand tool consist of one piece. A replaceable razor blade is clamped in the holder (4.5 cm by 2 cm) using one or more metal plates and a screw. The handle is made of wood, aluminum or plastic.

See also the paper hanger's knife. [MOT]