Tommenmolen Mill is a water-powered grain mill on the Maalbeek. It was originally owned by the lords of Ter Tommen, but was later acquired by Grimbergen Abbey. The current mill building dates from the 16th century, but was thoroughly renovated in the 19th century. The original barn was burnt down. In 1980, a half-timbered barn which had previously stood a few hundred metres away was erected on the same spot. The bread oven was also moved to Tommenmolen Mill from elsewhere in Grimbergen. Tommenmolen Mill has been a section of the MOT since 1980.

Near Tommenmolen Mill

Next to the Tommenmolen Mill barn, you can also see a horse mill. This is powered by one or two horses, and is suitable for lighter work. It can be used to power small agricultural machines such as the thresher, the strip mill or the churn.

There is the Tommenmolen Mill museum café-restaurant, which has a lovely garden terrace. And this is also a popular spot for walkers and cyclists.

Bakeoven at the Tommenmolen

half-timbered barn at the Tommenmolen


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