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Lathing hatchet
The lathing hatchet is a light hatchet - distinguishable from the roofer's hammer - of approx. 750 g with eye and with straight, relatively thin handle (approx. 30 cm), the iron of which, attached by one or two metal supports, ends in a square hammer opposite the blade. The top side of the blade is usually straight. In the underside one (sometimes two) notches is often forged to pull out nails. The cut is straight. Sometimes the whole tool, including the handle, is made of metal; the end of the stem is then placed in leather discs or in a wooden handle. However, these shapes seem to be rare in our regions. [MOT]
Corking machine
Polka hammer
The polka hammer is a relatively light (1.7 to 2.5 kg) hand tool with one or two horizontal cuts to work softer stone types. Often used for surface finishing of panels and reliefs. For more technical information, see the Dutch page. [MOT]
Dish clamp
Chopping knife
Kitchen utensil for chopping vegetables. There is a wide variety of shapes. The cut can be rectangular or rounded; the handle can be attached to the top of the blade - horizontally like a crank or connected to the blade at one or both ends - but can also be in line with the blade. In the latter case, the knife resembles the meat cleaver, but it is lighter. The vegetable chopper is always used in combination with a chopping block or a wooden bowl or porringer. See also the mincing knife. [MOT]
Bung key
Button hook
The button hook is a small (approx. 10 cm) iron hook - often with a (decorated) iron, wooden, bone or ivory handle - with which the ladies' boots used to be tied (1). There is also a model with two hooks of different sizes. Another model is foldable. Sometimes the button hook is fitted with a shoehorn at the other end. See also pocket knife. [MOT] (1) The button hook was sometimes used as a hook for eviscerating poultry (PETITPRERE: 2131). See further the folding hunting knife. EMMET: 187 states that the button hook was used for gloves.
Jar opener
Axle key
Seat wheel