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Access The MOT is housed in historic buildings that were not originally intended as a museum. The many stairs, floors and mezzanines hinder access for visitors who are less good at getting about, and especially for wheelchair users. To help persons with specific needs, physical or mental limitations, we can make adjustments where possible. Feel free to contact us at +32 2 270 81 11 or
Spiltstraat 297, Zemst, Belgium
Driesstraat z.n., Zemst, Belgium
Imprimirie A. Dubray - Soyeur. Impression de têtes de lettres et factures en timbrage haut relief. N° 782
Imprimerie "Labor". Typographie - Lithographie Reliure. Juin 1914
Egg separator
With an egg separator you can easily separate egg white and yolk. It is made of tin or plastic, round (approx. 6-10 cm), with holes or slots at the bottom and possibly with a handle. When the separator is placed over a bowl and the egg is broken above it, the yolk remains in the small recess in the bottom while the egg white drips through the openings in the bowl. The yolk separator can also be made of stone. It then consists of a tray with a slot that fits on a receptacle. The dish and container thus form one whole. [MOT]
Edmond Biefnot. Grande imprimerie bruxelloise Edmond Biefnot. Tarif des Imprimés
Types of bread
Types of bread translation under construction To the way which type of flour is used There are countless types of bread. Hence, we will only describe the most well known and most typical types in Belgium. The type of flour that is used determines the type of bread. We can identify two major groups: wheat bread and rye bread. Wheat and rye both give different types of bread, depending on how much the meal has been sifted. The sifting of the meal is also called “bolting”: the flour is separated from the bran to get a fine white flour. With wheat meal you can get wholemeal bread, brown bread, white bread and luxury breads. With rye meal you get rye bread, also called horse bread or black bread. A lighter brown bread can be obtained from bolted rye flour. At the start of this century, wheat bread was a luxury that only the rich could afford. The ordinary people ate rye bread or bread made from barley and oats among other things. Traditionally, white wheat bread is considered to be the best bread. Today, wholemeal...
Binding faggots