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Build your own bread oven
Build your own bread oven internship
Eekhoutstraat 5, Wielsbeke, Belgium
Eternit N.V.
Stockman. Gustave Dupont. Bustes & mannequins
What is timber framing?
What is timber framing? Timber framing or half-timbering is a historical predecessor of modern timber frame construction. A half-timbered building is a wooden construction of vertical posts, horizontal beams and diagonal braces. The walls of this 'skeleton' can be closed by covering a wickerwork or braid of flexible twigs or split slats with a mixture of loam and straw.  For centuries, timber framing was technically a good alternative to using brick and natural stone in large parts of Europe, including Flanders, were stone was not always available or affordable. Because it requires more maintenance than a stone structure, half-timbering was hardly used after the start of the twentieth century. Today, however, building with wood and loam is having a revival due to its ecological benefits. 
Kopie van Mélotte. Melkmachine Mélotte der werkhuizen van Remicourt
Mélotte. Melkmachine Mélotte der werkhuizen van Remicourt
Dupont: Gustave Dupont
Société d'Angleur-Athus. Usines Gustave Boël. Société John Cockerill. Société Métallurgique d'Espérance-Longdoz. Hauts Fourneaux et Mines de Musson. Société d'Ougrée-Marihaye. Société Métallurgique de Sambre et Moselle. Usines de Thy-le-Château. Usines Métallurgiques du Hainaut. Forges et Usines de la Providence., Le laitier de haut fourneau et ses dérivés. Ses emplois dans le bétonnage et les routes