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Charcoal iron
This text can only be consulted in Dutch <>
Cheese knife
See also the cheese cutting knife and the cheese cutter.
Cheese cutter
See also the cheese knife and cheese cutting knife.
Cheese slicer
This text on the cheese slicer can only be consulted in Dutch. [MOT]
Stonemason's French drag
The French drag is used by the stonecutter for smoothing out soft stone types such as marl, after the work with the stone-dressing axe, the charring chisel or the claw chisel. There is a wide variety of models and sizes depending on the surface to be worked. The hand tool consists of a wooden block with handle, in which the sole contains a series of straight or serrated metal cutting blades, perpendicular to the direction of the piece of stone to be planed. You can find more technical information on the dutch version of this page. [MOT]
Cherry pitter
This text can only be consulted in Dutch <>
Chicory knife
The chicory knife is used to cut the tops of the chicory in the field. It is a small (approx. 20 cm) and light (approx. 25 g) knife with a straight blade and smooth edge, which lies comfortably in the hand. The blade is often sharpened, making the edge somewhat hollow. The handle can be wood or plastic. [MOT]
Cheese/butter/clay wire
See also the cheese wire with roller.
Cheese wire with roller
This text can only be consulted in Dutch <>
Chimney crook (chain)
This text can only be consulted in Dutch <>