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Chimney crook (screw)
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Chicory shovel
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Coffee mill
Roasted coffee beans can be finely ground with a coffee mill. It has grooved, cast iron grinding discs, which are set in motion by means of a rotating crank. The grinding mechanism of most coffee mills can be adjusted from coarse to fine with an adjusting screw. The coffee mill can have a square wooden housing with a rotating crank at the top and a drawer at the bottom where the ground coffee ends up (approx. 10-15 cm wide; approx. 20-26 cm high). The housing can also be cylindrical (approx. 8-10 cm in diameter; approx. 10-20 cm high) and made of metal. Another model is made of cast iron (approx. 12-27 cm wide; approx. 30-45 cm high) and is screwed to the edge of the table or counter. At the top there is a funnel where the coffee beans are placed; under the grinder there is a receptacle or a spout. In the latter case, a separate container must be placed underneath. The crank is located alongside. There is also a wall model. The painter uses a similar tool to grind pigments. [MOT]
Clothes brush
The clothes brush is a brush that can be used to brush dust, fluff, etc. from clothes. It has short (approx. 2 cm), strong hair that is flexible enough not to damage clothes when brushing. See also the clothes beater. [MOT]
Club hammer
Heavy metal hammer (up to 15 kg) with long handle (up to approx. 80 cm) suitable for various purposes. This tool is used by many craftsmen, the quarry worker uses it to drive wedges into the rock. It can be distinguished from the mash hammer which is lighter and has a shorter handle. [MOT]
Clothes beater
In order not to wear out the clothes by daily brushing, the dust can be knocked out. This was done with a wicker clothes beater (1), comparable to the carpet beater, or a kind of whip with mostly leather straps, which also served to knock out cushions. See also the clothes brush. [MOT] (1) Translation of the dutch word 'kleerklopper'. The proper name in english is yet unknown.
Clogger's paring knife
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Closer's hammer
Full metal shoemaker's tool (min. 13 cm long) with a swollen, cylindrical center piece; one end is circular, the other wedge-shaped. The middle part acts as a handle. The rapping hammer is used to smooth seams, by tapping one end and rubbing with the other, and to smooth wrinkles on the last. See also the seam rubber. [MOT]
Coal scoop
Metal shovel with a flat or concave elongated blade (approx. 10-15 cm wide; approx. 20-25 cm long) with raised edges for scooping small amounts of coal into the stove. It can be made entirely of metal or have a metal blade attached to a wooden handle. It is often decorated and combined with the coal bin. See also coal scoop (brick maker) and charging shovel. [MOT]
Coal scoop (brickmaker)
During the firing of bricks in a ring kiln, small amounts of coal are added from above (see also coal funnel). This is done with a semi-cylindrical coal shovel.. See also coal scoop and coal shovel. [MOT]