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Blowing tube
This blowing tube to stir up the fire in a fireplace is not to be confused with the blow pipe (glass blower) or the blow pipe (silversmith).
Battery post and terminal cleaner
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Battery clamp pliers
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Charring chisel
The charring chisel is a wide, metal stonemason’s chisel with straight, double cutting edge, the angle of which is between 10 ° and 40 °, depending on the hardness of the worked stone. The width of the cutting edge can range from about 3.5 to 18 cm. There are charring chisels with a wooden handle for softer types of stone.  For technical information on this page in dutch. [MOT]
Chasing hammer
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The chaquitaclla (1) (pronounced tcha-ki-tak-li-ja) is a typical agricultural implement in the Andes mountains of southern Peru and northern Bolivia. The men use them to work fallow soil by tilting the clods - as with the Spanish Laya, after which the women pow the potato tubers by hand (2). It is not uncommon for five men to work side by side; then they tilt a whole bar in one go. The chaquitaclla evolved from a digging stick to a tool with a sharp metal tip, a curved or straight handle, and a footrest. It is about 1 to 1.5 meters long and has a diameter of about 6 cm. The footrest consists of two poles of approx. 20 cm long that are tied parallel to each other at a height of approx. 45 cm. The wooden handle is tied to the shaft with strips of llama or cow leather. When working on steep slopes, a lower-placed handle - close to the footrest - is more convenient for balancing. The stem fits into the socket of the blade, which is about 7-10 cm wide and 40 cm long. If no metal is available...
Champagne nippers
The stopper of a champagne bottle can easily be loosened with champagne nippers. The narrow jaws with fairly large teeth grip the head of the cork. Sometimes the opening is behind the rotating spindle and we find champagne scissors at the front to cut the muselet, i.e. the wire around the cork. Another model has 2 brackets about 4 cm above the jaws to hold the cork when it comes out. See also the champagne cutter. Can be distinguished from the wax tongs to break the wax of a sealed bottle. [MOT]
Charging shovel
Rectangular iron shovel (approx. 30 cm long) with a wooden D-handle (approx. 70-80 cm). It is used by the stoker when filling the boiler of a heating installation or of a steam engine, and by the brickmaker when heating the oven. It has raised edges so that the coals do not fall out when shoveling. See also the coal scoop and coal shovel. [MOT]
Champagne cutter
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Cheese trier
The cheese maker uses the cheese trier to drill a sample from a ball of cheese. It consists of an elongated, semi-cylindrical blade that is often narrower at the end and that is attached in a straight handle or has a ring as a handle. It can be distinguished from the apple corer. See also the grain sampler. [MOT]