The MOT's collection

What do we collect and preserve?

The MOT’s collection of objects consists mainly of hand tools. We have deliberately not confined ourselves to acquiring specialised hand tools or beautifully decorated objects. Our aim is to build up a representative collection of tools that are actually used by men and women.

We also collect the technical equipment associated with different trades or users, such as containers of all kinds, furniture (workbenches, lathes, carding stool etc.), ropes, workwear and measuring tools. To illustrate the importance of technology in everyday life, vehicles and household goods are also preserved, such as stoves, lighting fixtures, textiles and kitchenware.

The MOT collection is not confined to a specific period, theme or place. It is an extensive and varied collection of technical objects ranging from the remote past, including in the form of archaeological finds, to the present day. We acquire both old and new pieces without restriction as to origin or date. The only limitation we apply is that of natural propulsion: the machinery and equipment must be driven by human or animal muscle power or by wind or water power.

Our collection is therefore never finished: it is being supplemented all the time in order to be and remain representative. Every year, around 700 pieces are added to the collection on average. Obviously, a collection cannot be infinite, and choices have to be made. A carefully considered acquisition policy is therefore of great importance to the running of the MOT.

How do we acquire items?

Most of our acquisitions are donated by private individuals. Sometimes our collection pieces are donated by other museums which are disposing of part of their collection. We also have a limited acquisitions budget, mainly for the purchase of books and periodicals for our library.

Interested in donating an object yourself?

Contact us by phone or email and send us an accurate description, preferably with digital photos, so that we can make a decision immediately. We will then arrange a time when we can come to collect the item or items. On weekdays, you can bring them in to the Museum yourself.


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