Amputating knife


ID 697



MOT V 91.0643 L=28,5cm WD=1,5cm WT=105gr. Inscription: B.LAIBACH.

The amputating knife is a large straight knife with a narrow elongated blade (17 to 23 cm long) that cuts on one or both sides. The width of the blade varies between 2 and 3 cm. Today, the one-piece amputating knife uses chromed steel or stainless steel. Before the 19th century the handle was often made of ebony or ivory and the blade made of steel. The cutting blade usually ends in a sharp dagger point, i.e. a point in the longitudinal axis of the blade, or in a rounded cutting end. The surgeon uses this knife to amputate part or all of limbs. The knife easily cuts through the skin, muscles and tendons. The amputating knife is usually used in conjunction with the amputating saw. [MOT]