Amputating saw

ID 734
MOT V 91.0193 L=33,5cm WD=5cm WT=260gr.
MOT V 91.0194 L=37cm WD=9,5cm WT=350gr. Inscription: 19.
MOT V 91.0647 L=22,5cm WD=1,5cm WT=53gr. Inscription: B.LAIBACH.

Fine saw made of steel, chromed steel or stainless steel, used by the surgeon to cut off or amputate a part of the body. In one model handle and blade consist of one whole. Then the straight saw blade is about 12 cm long and gradually tapers to a pointed end. This amputating saw has a double saw-shaped cut with very fine, sharp tips.

Another model amputating saw has a loose, replaceable saw blade about 10 to 33 cm long that is stretched in a metal arc and equipped with a straight handle or a pistol butt. Finally, there is also an amputating saw in the form of a handsaw with a blade approx. 22 to 33 cm long and 4 to 10 cm wide. The blade, which is pointed or rounded, has teeth along its entire length on one side.

The amputating saw cuts through the bone and is used together with the amputating knife.

See also the Gigli saw. [MOT]