Beam scribe


ID 9



MOT V 89.0394 L=20cm WD=2cm WT=100gr. Inscription: GOLDENBERG ACIER FONDU.

The beam scribe (1) is a manual tool for marking a beam by cutting a groove in it. It consists of a thin metal blade (about 3 / 10-15 cm) bent at right angles at one end, the angle of which cuts. It is often combined with a saw-setting iron; usually this iron is on the opposite end, but sometimes the notches are cut into the blade itself (2); exceptionally the saw-setting iron is positioned between a double scribe (3).

The carpenter uses the beam scribe to indicate the location and nature of the operation (sawing, mortising, etc.), sometimes also to number the beams.

To be distinguished from the timber scribe, from the clog maker's timber scribe, from the saddler's racer and from the farrier's hoof cleaning knife.

See also the scribing point. [MOT]

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(2) Eg. LOMBARD & MASVIEL: 117.