ID 1107
MOT V DV 0069 L=15cm WD=7cm H=4cm WT=181gr. Inscription: BLANCHARD image greyhound.
MOT V DV 0070 L=22,5cm WD=5,5cm WT=134gr. Inscription: BLANCHARD 1 image greyhound.
screw racer (syn.) (SALAMAN 1986: 227)

The racer serves to cut grooves on the inside of the leather to facilitate folding. It is also used to draw stitching seams. The tool is always being pulled towards you.

The racer consists of a thick (about 3.5 mm) iron, usually hook-shaped, blade (about 5.5 by 10 cm) of which the sloping side is bent to form a cutting U-shaped point. The working part sticks by means of a tang in a wooden handle (approx. 13 cm) that is reinforced with a ferrule. Another model consists of a flat iron bar with one or both ends bent into a scribe (1).

The racer may also consist of a steel tweezer-shaped tool with hooked or non-hooked ends (2). One end is bent and cuts. The other end serves as a guide. With this model, a groove is cut parallel to the edge of the piece of leather. A screw adjusts the width (max. Approx. 2.5 cm) of the edge.

To cut arcuate grooves in the grain side of a piece of leather, a compass race is used.

Can be distinguished from the beam scribe. [MOT]

(1) Eg. SALAMAN: 230.

(2) Eg. SALAMAN: 230.