Garden pulverizer


ID 1094



MOT V 2006.0335 L=22cm H=16cm WT=1550gr. Inscription: Wolf Geräte.


garden weasel (syn.)

The garden pulverizer consists of 3 to 5 rotating star-shaped wheels (1) with a total working width of approx. 10-20 cm. Approx. 10 cm behind the wheels is a removable (2) narrow (approx. 3 cm) and movable hoe blade with upwardly curved ends. The wooden handle (approx. 150-170 cm) is inserted into a socket that is connected to the working part by means of a bracket. Together they form an angle of approx. 45 °.

The garden pulverizer is mainly used after digging to crumble up clumps. It is also used to house fertilizer or seed or to aerate and work the soil between the rows of plants. With the scuffle hoe you can remove the weeds between the rows of plants. The whole is used with pushing and pulling movements.

See also the hand harrow and grubber with long handle. [MOT]

(1) Jules Simon's catalog: 80, shows a clod breaker with 2 rows of wheels to crumble heavier soil or used on large areas.

(2) COENEN: 18 shows a model where the two working parts can be used separately.