Grass hook


ID 977



MOT V 83.0498 (zeisje met lange steel) L=77cm WD=37cm WT=430gr


MOT V 99.0183 (zeisje met korte steel) L=30cm WD=30cm WT=200gr. Inscription: Grasieufel.

The grass hook is used by the gardener and do-it-yourselfer to cut some grass and weeds on small areas.

It is a small scythe consisting of a slightly curved sharp steel blade (approx. 30-40 cm) with a wide back and ending in a point, which is fixed at right angles to a wooden handle (approx. 10-80 cm). The scythe with short handle is used stooping with one hand; the one with a long, usually straight handle is held with both hands and used while standing. Sometimes the long stem has a slight kink about 12 inches from the tip.

See also the grass whip. [MOT]