Grass whip

ID 1091
MOT V 97.0304 L=91cm WD=5cm WT=500gr. Inscription: Stanley No. 6W6 Made in U.S.A.
jungle knife (syn.) (LOGAN: 176)
Swoe (syn.) (Catalogus 1976: Wilkinson Sword: W.470)

Light tool suitable for mowing the lawn in hard-to-reach places such as along tree trunks, stones, fences and roadsides.

The grass whip consists of a thin blade (approx. 20-25 cm), serrated on both sides (1) or provided with a cut on both sides and front (2). The handle is covered with wood or rubber.

The tool is swung back and forth in front of the feet, with the blade lying parallel to the ground, cutting through the thin grass stems. Due to the double-sided cut, it works on both sides.

See also the grass hook. [MOT]

(1) According to LOGAN: 176, the grass stems cannot bend away due to the serrated cut.

(2) Catalog 1976: Wilkinson Sword. The name on the world's finest garden tools.