Log roller

ID 1329
MOT V 2020.0533 a-c3 L=61cm WD=25cm H=37cm

The paper log roller is a tool for rolling up and compressing paper from newspapers and magazines into cylindrical briquettes with a diameter of approx. 7 to 10 cm which serve as fuel for the fire.

The device consists of a wooden handle and cast iron base with a semicircular container. Laterally, a replaceable iron tube with a longitudinal groove is inserted, onto which a wooden crank is attached. Multiple sheets are folded in half and placed with the fold in the groove. After a few turns of the crank, additional overlapping sheets are inserted until a paper block of the desired thickness is pressed. Dry paper can be easily bound and used as fire starter. Water can also be poured into the tray to wet and compact the paper, which results in slower combustion, provided the briquettes can dry for a sufficient period of time.

The briquette press is more common in household goods. See also the briquette mould for charcoal. [MOT]

MOT V 2020.0533 a-c3