Wheel pricker (for stencile)


ID 744




MOT V 88.1596 L=19cm WD=2,5cm WT=43gr

The tailor uses a wheel pricker (approx. 20 cm) to transfer the lines of the pattern to the fabric, the painter to transfer the lines of a stencil. The tool has a toothed wheel (approx. 2 cm in diameter) that sits in a U-shaped bracket at the end of a metal shaft; the shaft sticks with a tang in a wooden handle, sometimes wheels with different teeth can be attached to the bracket. The wheel pricker for fabric is exceptionally foldable: the wheel then disappears into a metal handle.

Can be distinguished from the wheel pricker (shoe maker) because the teeth are less sharp and closer together. See also wheel pricker (saddle maker). [MOT]