Wheel pricker (saddlemaker)

ID 742
MOT V 93.0237 L=25,5cm WD=3cm WT=100gr. Inscription: L.

The wheel pricker (approx. 23-27 cm) of the saddler has a toothed, exchangeable metal wheel that is placed in a U-shaped bracket; the slightly curved shaft is fixed in a wooden handle. The teeth are wedge-shaped and placed at an oblique angle (45 °) to the circumference of the wheel.

It is used to mark and partially penetrate the leather before sewing (see also awl). This makes it easier for the needle to pass through and ensures an even distance between the stitches. You can roll with the wheel pricker over the leather with a ruler as a guide (1).

For the same purpose, a chisel with a flared, similarly toothed blade can also be used.

See also the shoemaker's wheel pricker and the wheel pricker for stenciles. [MOT]

(1) FRUMAU: 56.