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Scythe key
Square exagonal key that loosens or tightens the ring that attaches a scythe blade to the stem. A string can be threaded through the hole on the end of the lever. The scythe key comes in a single size. [MOT]
Bicycle alligator wrench
Zinc scriber
The zinc cutter is a knife that the galvanizer and roof tiler use to cut sheet zinc. It consists of a steel shaft that is hook-shaped with a cutting surface at the end. It can be fixed in a wooden handle or made entirely of metal. The knife can also be adjustable. In that case it is elongated with an oblique cutting surface on the short side. It is screwed into a metal holder that sticks into a handle. See also this tile cutter. [MOT]
Ham trier
The smell is an important criterion when inspecting dried ham. The ham trier (1) is used for this, an awl-shaped tool made from the fibula of a horse, which is porous and therefore absorbs the odors. The horse bone is inserted into the ham in certain places and the smell is then sniffed by the inspector, who tastes the aromas of the ham in the throat. [MOT] (1) SELLENS: 203 shows a hand tool with the same purpose but with a stem. The material is not mentioned. No other English equivalent found. In French the Latin word spilatula is used. Italians speak of 'ago d'osso di cavallo'.
During surgery, the doctor can pull certain parts of the body towards him with these claw forceps. The jaws end in sharp inward-facing hooks that interlock like two teeth. Often these pliers can be locked in different positions by means of a bracket and hooks. The two parts can be easily separated for cleaning. [MOT]
Bottleopener for screw caps
Print tongs
Negatives and prints of photos can be easily grasped with these print tongs. It consists of a U-shape that is squeezed shut. Sometimes both arms are also linked halfway by a hinge and a spring keeps the tool open. It is very similar to pancake tongs. [MOT]
These automotive pliers allow you to hold, tighten or loosen something. One of the arms can be moved sideways to obtain a larger opening width. These pliers are often in the tool bag in the car. [MOT]
Flask tongs
Nutmeg mill