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Larding pin
To pull small strips of bacon through lean roast, you can use a larding needle or a larding pin. The latter has a long (approx. 30-40 cm) and narrow semi-cylindrical shaped blade with a sharp point, fixed in a wooden or plastic handle. A strip of bacon or some chilled fat is placed in the tray after the larding pin has been cut right through the meat. When you pull back the larding pin, it is turned over and the fat is left in the meat. The larding pin used on large cuts of meat would have a spring and lever to cut the strips and hold them in place (1). The trussing needle and larding pin are kept in a typical set of 2 needles and 12-15 awls of different sizes (2). [MOT] (1) "Nouveau Larousse ménager": 693. (2) CHANCRIN & FAIDEAU: 736.
Laundry tongs
Hot laundry could be safely removed from the washing kettle with these laundry tongs. They were usually made of (beech) wood because it does not stain, is light and cheap. The metal parts such as the spindle or spring were often made of copper, because the tongs were certainly not allowed to rust. However, there are also iron and rubber or plastic laundry tongs. [MOT
Laundry beater
In the past, the actual washing was done after the laundry was cooked. The lye and the already dissolved dirt, as well as the last stains had to be removed with soap. This was done by hand alone, on a washboard or with a laundry beater (approx. 30 by 10 cm). The latter is a wooden chip-shaped beater - to be distinguished from the cork driver and the iron beater - with which the laundry was tapped, which was placed on a stone or shelf. [MOT
Lamp trimmer
Lattice cutter
Last hook
Lard press
Larding needle
Lawn aerator (roller)
A lawn that is frequently used remains a beautiful green if it is cultivated with a lawn aerator. By preventing compaction of the soil, enough air, water and fertilizers are admitted to the roots. There are various means of aerating the lawn. One model of lawn aerator consists of two wheels that are connected to each other by 6 rods (approx. 35 cm), fitted with iron pins (approx. 8 cm; diam. 0.6 cm), and a bracket with protective cover and stem (approx. 100 cm). When the implement is pushed over the lawn, the pins - every 5-10 cm - end up in the ground at an angle of about 30 ° and are a suspension system put back in place. Another model is simply a spiked wooden roll that is a bracket is attached to a wooden shaft (1). For a small lawn you can also use aerator shoes. It is even more labor-intensive if you use a lawn aerator (spike). The tool - resembling a dibble - is provided with 2 to 4 conical or hollow cylindrical teeth (length approx. 5-10 cm; diam. Approx. 1 cm), which can be moved by means of presses the...
Lead sealing pliers