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Boring the trunk
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Water is vital for both people and animals, yet before the introduction of the well-known tap water, people had to resort to wells for their drinking water. This well water was used for a wide range of purposes: to drink, to prepare meals, to wash the dishes, to feed the cattle, to clean, etc. But next to its domestic value, water was and still is a crucial component in the industry as well: just think of breweries, tanneries, ice- and lemonade factories, etc. You might be surprised to hear, but also in these places you can often spot water wells. Until recently, the water well was actually a very important aspect of daily life. It was only after the general distribution of modern water supplies in the second half of the twentieth century that the use of wells rapidly declined. Only a few decades ago, water well systems were still an integral part of the landscape. Unfortunately, more and more wells fell into disrepair and many of them were demolished. In many cases the actual pit or hole in the ground...
Pump fixtures
Making the pump fixtures After drilling the trunk, the pump borer has to finish the pump mechanism. This involves both turning and forging the pump fixtures. The proof of the pudding is the mounting of the pump crank.