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The start
The start In 2007 the MOT received a donation from what could be the last pumpmaker in Flanders, Oscar De Wagter from Hansbeke near Nevele. This man not only donated his tools, he also explained how to drill a wooden pump. His story was the start of our pump drilling project.
Proverbs and sayings: Transport This text can only be consulted in Dutch.
Search by smith's name
Forge marks in Belgium: search by smith's name translation under construction Hier komt u in een lijst van alle Belgische smeden/fabrikanten. Mogelijk zit hier ook een verdeler tussen. Indien u een vraagteken ziet, hebben we de smid nog niet kunnen identificeren. Aanvullingen zijn steeds welkom op . Soms gebeurt het dat na identificatie de smid uit het buitenland afkomstig blijkt te zijn. Ook die namen worden opgenomen. Klik op een naam om de bijhorende fiche te openen. Snel zoeken kan via de toetsencombinatie "Ctrl-F". Met de "enter"-toets kan je snel alle zoekresultaten overlopen.
Tips for photographing forge marks and printing on paper
Zoek op firma
RCB: zoek op firma RCB staat voor het Repertorium van de Belgische Handelscatalogi. Het is een online hulpmiddel om handelscatalogi op te sporen in openbare collecties, uitgegeven in België vóór ca 1950. Klik op een firmanaam om de bijhorende fiche te openen. Snel zoeken kan via de toetsencombinatie "Ctrl-F". Met de "enter"-toets kan je snel alle zoekresultaten overlopen.
Search by letter
Forge marks in Belgium: search by letter translation under construction Op een werktuig kan je letters, cijfers en/of figuren aantreffen. Hier kan gezocht worden op woorden of delen van woorden zoals ze op het voorwerp aangebracht zijn.
RCB: particulars SubjectUnder the description ‘trade catalogue’ the RCB includes five types of document: announcements commemorative books periodicals instructions for use catalogues You will find more information on this in the articles “Reclame als bron voor de geschiedenis van de technieken” (Advertising as a source for the history of techniques) and "The repertory of belgian trade catalogues". The catalogues of booksellers and publishers are not included, nor those of antiquaries (paintings, manuscripts etc.) and advertisements for services.LimitsFor practical reasons the Directory is limited to documents published before 1950, but doubtful cases are also included.We only include documents which were published in Belgium, or by a Belgian firm abroad.ReferencesAddresses are included literally as they appear in the publicity. Only the name of the district or town may, if necessary, have been translated using the...
In the picture
SWAP With SWAP the municipality of Grimbergen offers all kinds of activities for young people from 12 to 15 years during the vacation periods. Some of them take place at the MOT.
Artists at the MOT
Artists at the MOTIn the 19th and 20th centuries, many painters took to the outdoors with their easel to immortalize landscapes and buildings on canvas. Grimbergen was very accessible to painters and tourists from Brussels: there was a good tram connection, there were numerous inns and they found the peace that they lacked in the city. From this period dates a rich collection of Grimberg landscape paintings. You can read about them in the book "Grimbergen in de kunst" (1992).The municipality of Grimbergen owns many paintings that depict the Grimbergen landscape and its architectural heritage. Others can be found in private collections. Various reproductions of these paintings were exhibited in the Oyenbrugmolen in the summer of 2018. A year later, paintings of the Prince's Castle were exhibited in the keep. This was the reason for the MOT to photograph those works of art on which the buildings of the museum are depicted. After all, they do not only have an art value, but also a great documentary value. For example,...