The municipality of Grimbergen purchases the Liermolen mill and Tommenmolen mill – two water mills on the Maalbeek;


Restoration of the water mills;

Purchase by the municipality of Grimbergen of the Guldendal; 


The municipal authorities ask Johan David to establish a new museum and form a collection for it; 


The MOT is established, run by the non-profit organisation Heemschut vzw, with Johan David as curator and only one member of staff; 

The water mills are fitted out as an exhibition space; 

The Guldendal becomes the MOT’s administrative headquarters; 


The MOT is granted a Special Mention at the EMYA European Museum of the Year Award; 


Opening of the Woodworking exhibition; 


Director Johan David receives the V.I.A.T. Award; 


The MOT goes online! Launch of the website www.mot.be; 


The MOT is accredited and listed at regional level by the Flemisch Government; 


Launch of tools database ID-DOC on our website; 


The Save the bread ovens! project goes online; 


First multi-day internship Build your own bread oven; 


Opening of the exhibition Strong women, clean clothes


First summer programme Zomeren in het MOT; 

The Directory of Belgian Trade Catalogues project goes online; 


Launch of the Forgemarks in Belgium project; 

First workshops for adults; 

Opening of the exhibition The blacksmith, master of iron and fire


Launch of the What about the water well? project; 


Retirement of founder and curator Johan David, followed by Steven De Waele;


Opening of the Carts and Wagons open depot; 

Move of the museum collection to a new depot; 


Launch of the renewed website; 

Restoration of the bakeoven at the Tommenmolen

Restoration of the water wheel and milling parts at the Liermolen; 


First internship of Timber framing and wattle and daub;

Built of the timber-framed Bee hall, a shelter for bees at the Liermolen; 

Extension of the museum library; 


Book presentation Bouwen om te bakken, together with the province of Flemish Brabant; 

Filming of the documentary How to build a bread oven?; 


Opening of the exhibition MOT & GO. The DIY store for motors and power transmission

Restoration of the bakeoven at the Liermolen; 

Construction of the Winnowing barn, a half-timbered building for winnowing grain at the Liermolen; 

Experimental drilling of a wooden pump, while filming;


The MOT celebrates its 40th birthday;

Opening of the exhibition Scaffolding and stone;
The new exhibition wins the Tourism Award by the province of Flemish Brabant in the category ‘heritage’;
Webpage Pump goes online;
First edition of the Stone engraving workshop;
First edition of the forging internship;
New escape room 'Looking for black gold'; 
Construction of a new well sweep for the waterwell; 
Construction of a half-timbered life-size nativity scene with a straw roof; 
Webpage Half-timber work goes online;
Restoration of the bakehouse at the Liermolen; 
Construction of a new playground at the Liermolen; 
Film recordings for the webpage Half-timber work;
Construction of a new half-timbered workshop at the Guldendal;
Approval of restoration fund for "heritage and tourism" project Liermolen; 
Approval of restoration fund for urgent conservation works Prinsenkasteel; 
Publication of half-timbering films online and on the YouTube channel; 
Completion of the 'Vakwerkplaats' (half-timbered workshop) during the Wattle and Daub Days and solemn opening;
Preparatory research for the restorations of Prinsenkasteel and Liermolen; 
First Stage fish skin tanning and processing;
1980 - First desk of Johan David
1982 - Exhibition in the barn of the Liermolen
1983 - European Museum of the Year Award

2006 - Strong women, clean clothes

2019 - MOT & GO

2021 - Escape room

2022 - new half timbered workshop

2023 - Opening half-timbered workshop