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Plan your visit The MOT, one museum, three locations:
Forge marks in Belgium: bibliography Aux Forges de Vulcain 1914: Aux forges de Vulcain. Meubles et casiers métalliques brevetés "Estler". Appareils de rangement pour ateliers et magasins. Meubles tourniquets et "Noa". N° 20 supplément, Paris. Aux Forges de Vulcain s.d.: Aux forges de Vulcain. Emile Chouanard. Plus de 2.000 machines-outils en stock et en constrution, Paris. Aux Forges de Vulcain s.d.: Aux forges de Vulcain. Emile Chouanard. Nos machines-outils disponibles, Paris. Aux Forges de Vulcain 1917: Aux forges de Vulcain. Emile Chouanard. Liste des machines-outils en stock et en construction, Paris. Aux Forges de Vulcain s.d.: Aux forges de Vulcain. Emile Chouanard. Nos machines - outils de précision disponibles. Tours parallèles "Pax", Paris. Aux Forges de Vulcain s.d.: Aux Forges de Vulcain Société Anonyme. Nos Machines - Outils Disponibles, Paris. BLAUW, W. 1994: Friese schaatsenmakers. Van ambacht tot...
Broeck 22, Bever, Belgium
The MOT library As well as technical objects, the MOT also systematically collects documentation in its own scientific library. Our library now contains around 40,000 books, journals, articles, and CD-ROMs, and is being added to further all the time. It is one of the richest collections of technical books in the country. All titles of both books and articles are systematically indexed by keyword. We keep numerous old and recent manuals from every possible trade and sector. We also have thousands of historical books and journals about the history of technology, and a range of technical encyclopaedias, containing valuable pictorial material. The library also contains technical and historical dictionaries. Our extensive collection of trade catalogues allows you to find out about the appearance, material, price or brand of all kinds of goods. You can consult much of it online here. If you would like to use our library you will find full details on the next page.
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About us The MOT is short for "Museum voor de Oudere Technieken" or "Museum of Old Techniques". A lot of these so called "old" techniques are coming back into fashion. Low tech is back and here to stay. We try all we can to help this revival.
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The MOT's collection What do we collect and preserve? The MOT’s collection of objects consists mainly of hand tools. We have deliberately not confined ourselves to acquiring specialised hand tools or beautifully decorated objects. Our aim is to build up a representative collection of tools that are actually used by men and women. We also collect the technical equipment associated with different trades or users, such as containers of all kinds, furniture (workbenches, lathes, carding stool etc.), ropes, workwear and measuring tools. To illustrate the importance of technology in everyday life, vehicles and household goods are also preserved, such as stoves, lighting fixtures, textiles and kitchenware. The MOT collection is not confined to a specific period, theme or place. It is an extensive and varied collection of technical objects ranging from the remote past, including in the form of archaeological finds, to the present day. We acquire both...
Leidraad bij de beschrijving van waterputten
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