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Hay rake
Hat brush
Agricultural and horticultural tool with a rectangular, semicircular, triangular or heart-shaped blade that lies diagonally opposite the wooden straight handle. The angle between blade and stem varies from 30 ° to 80 °. The blade can be covered with wood or iron. Usually the stem is half long (approx. 100-120 cm) and the hoe is used standing; however, there are also hoes with a shorter handle (approx. 50-60 cm) that require you to bend down or get on your knees (1). Dimensions and weight vary greatly and are adapted to the destination. For example, chopping is used to work the soil, to ridge potatoes (see also hand ridger), to harvest potatoes (see also potato lifting fork and potato harvester), plant trees, dig trenches, etc. Osiers and meadow farmers deepen and widen the trenches after each harvest (see this osier worker's tool) with a hoe. The handle (approx. 1 to 2 m) and blade are connected here by means of a D-shaped ring, a spring and a bolt. The cut is slightly curved. In the middle of the top a reinforcement...
Hay thief
The hay thief is used to pull a tuft of hay from the interior of a haystack or the hayloft. That sample can then be examined for condition and quality. After all, it is important to check whether the hay inside is dry, both for the nutritional value and for safety (self-ignition). The hay thief usually consists (1) of an iron rod (approx. 30 cm) ending in a point and fitted with a barb with a slightly curved point at approx. 5 cm from the end (2). The straight wooden stem measures approx. 80 cm. Sometimes the tool is made entirely of iron and the rod ends in an eye (3). [MOT] (1) According to DAVID 1973: 25 there are also completely wooden hay hooks. (2) SELLENS: 233 states that a hay thief can count two or more hooks. (3) Eg. DEVLIEGHER: 82.
Hedge shears
Hinge chisel
Hay spade
With a hay spade (1) you can cut off strongly compressed hay (see also hay knife). Afterwards it can be processed further with the hay fork. The hay spade is to be distinguished from the flauchter spade. [MOT] (1) proper name unknown.
Hacking knife
Head knife