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Dressing a millstone
Dressing a millstone During the renovation works on the Liermolen our millers could not mill. They seized the opportunity to dress the millstones. Which means they sharpened the grooves in the stones to be able to mill better.
Further training
Door de Bomen
Door de Bomen "Through the trees" is a magical family event in and around the Strombeek cultural centre for children aged 3 to 10 with their (grand)parents. An eco-adventure with our woods, gardens and their inhabitants in a central role.
Archaeology days
Creation wind turbine
Creation wind turbine Since 2013, a little mill has softly been turning in the wind on the roundabout in the Prinsenstraat. The MOT did not just put the wind turbine with an information plate there as an eye-catcher, but also as a beautiful example of the use of wind power as a natural drive.
Annual fair
Annual fair During the annual fair of the municipality Grimbergen, the MOT organizes small activities during which young and older people can learn something about older techniques.
Set up shear legs
Set up shear legs The MOT is working on a new exhibition concerning drive and transfer. The shear legs, which we put up next to the shed of the Tommenmolen, are a great example of drive and transfer. The pulley and the rope make the transfer of muscular strength that a person exercises on the windlass possible. 
Open Monument Day
Open Monument day
The saw doctor
The saw doctor In July 2013, the MOT received a special guest: the Japanese “saw doctor” Nagakatsu San who is known as being the best at saw sharpening in Japan. This spirited eighty year old gave a demonstration in the MOT for an international audience. He explained the sharpening and the setting of the teeth, as well as how different shapes of teeth work. There has been made a short documentary of this immaterial cultural heritage which is now being showed in the exposition .