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In contrast to the hand cultivator, which is continuously pulled, the claw is pulled with jerks and the soil is loosened superficially. It is narrower (approx. 5-10 cm) and therefore especially suitable for narrow spaces in the rows and vegetables in the vegetable garden and for dense flower beds. The claw has 3 to 5 round and pointed teeth, of which the middle one protrudes in front of the other, and a wooden or plastic handle (approx. 20-140 cm). If the handle is long, the gardener stands upright; if the handle is short, then the work is bent or crouched. Another model has thick (approx. 0.5 cm) flat teeth - lying in one row - and is connected to the handle by means of a tang. It is distinguishable from an all-metal model that is used in hardware stores to pull nails out of a pile (1). There is also a model with 2 flat, wide (approx. 1 cm) teeth with a long (approx. 35 cm) tang that sticks into a wooden handle (approx. 15 cm). See also the weeding hoe, weeding fork, garden pulverizer and dung hoe. [MOT] (1)...
Hoof cleaning knife
Hand tool that the blacksmith uses to trim horses' hooves. It usually has a slightly curved blade that is bent at the end and that cuts its entire length. (Compare with the beam scribe, the timber scribe, the cooper's timber scribe and the clog maker's timber scribe). That blade sticks in a wooden handle that is often bent upwards. Excess horn is cut away with the knife. With the bent end - which also cuts - impurities on the inside of the hoof can be removed. There are models for both left and right-handed users (1). See also the horseman's folding knife. [MOT] (1) Eg. Encyclop├ędie 1740-80, volume 13: s.v. Marechal ferrant.
Hook spanner
Hook (butcher)
Hand tool (1) for hanging or removing objects. The butcher uses it for bacon, sausages and the like, the steamer for clothes, the shopkeeper for light and relatively little sold goods. The butcher's hook consists of an upwardly bent hook (approx. 5 cm) with a socket in which a long stem (approx. 120-250 cm) protrudes. Some models have several hooks. See also the boathook. [MOT] (1) Proper name unknown.
The hoofpick is an iron or plastic hook (approx. 15 cm long) that removes dirt from the hooves of a horse. The hand tool is often combined with a stud tap or a brush, sometimes whit a ring spanner. It is often part of the horseman's folding knife. [MOT]
Hook tool
This hook tool is a metal rod (approx. 20-30 cm) with one end protruding into a handle, the other bent at right angles. That end is beveled. Sometimes the rod is T-shaped so that there are two cuts. The woodturner uses the hand tool on the lathe to hollow out a piece of wood sideways. [MOT]
Hook and side tool
This hook and side tool is one of the most commonly used chisels of the turner and serves to smooth a piece on the lathe. [MOT]
Hair brush
Hoof nipper
Hoop hook