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The blacksmith
The blacksmith, master of iron and fire
Half-timbered barn Tommenmolen
Haf-timbered barn Tommenmolen Since when was there a barn on this spot? The mill building dates from the 16th century, but we do not know exactly when the first barn was built. The Ferraris map (late 18th century) shows for the first time a building on the exact site of the current barn. The barn is clearly depicted on maps and land register plans of the 19th century. What did the original barn look like? We know this thanks to paintings, etchings and photographs from the first half of the 20th century. It was a half-timbered barn with a thatched or straw roof. However, that barn has disappeared, perhaps in the late 1940s, early 1950s, presumably after a fire. Current half-timbered barn Until 1977, the current barn stood on a yard on Veldkant street, about 500 meters from the Tommenmolen. At the initiative of the municipal council of Grimbergen and with the help of the Bokrijk open-air museum, the barn was fully measured, photographed and dismantled. The wooden framework went to Bokrijk for restoration and was...
Combined ticket MIRA
Workshop Water Wells
Atelier Hefbomen
Geocaching at the MOT Wind, water and muscle! All power tools are driven by a motor or engine. The most obvious examples are a petrol engine, an electric motor, or even a steam engine. But before the emergence of these motors and engines, we had to rely on natural forms of propulsion: wind, water and muscle power. In the MOT Wind, water and muscle! geocache quest, you roam our historic buildings in search of traces of this natural propulsion. Only when you have found all the points and solved the questions correctly can you find the MOT treasure. And there’s a real bonus, because our treasure is tucked away in a unique place! You will find the coordinates and the information you need to start here. What is geocaching? The days when treasure-hunters would set off with a compass and a mysterious, yellowing map from a dusty library are long past. Modern treasure-hunters look for their information on the Internet and use a GPS device to find...
Ideas to do at home
Planten voor de Prins
Calendar Coming up in the MOT This text can only be consulted in Dutch.
Hedge laying workshop