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Hand wheel hoe
In crops growing in rows, the roots of weeds are cut with the hand wheel hoe; they are sometimes also used to break the crust so that a better air circulation is created and to counteract the capillary effect - and thus the drying out. The hand wheel hoe usually consists of two metal wheels (diam. Approx. 35 cm), each with a rod on the axle that keeps a metal plate, just behind the wheel, at the correct height. Both trapezoidal plates, connected by a bracket, are provided with 2-3 slots into which the oblique knives or hoes can be screwed to the desired width. The whole is pushed in front of you by means of two wooden arms (approx. 130 cm). There are also hand wheel hoes with one wheel with which you can hoe between two rows of plants, as opposed to the model with two wheels, which works on both sides of one row of plants. Nowadays there is a model with a rubber wheel (approx. Diam. 25-60 cm) where the hoes can be replaced by the blade of a hand ridger or hand cultivator (1). [MOT] (1)...
After the plants and grass from the ditch side have been mowed, the (small) ditches are manually cleared of sludge and dirt that impedes the water flow. The tool also serves to dredge ponds and other water features. The cleaning of the ditches is done at low tide, after a period of drought. One starts at the lowest point and against the current. More technical information on the dutch version of this tool page. See also the drag-net. [MOT]
Handsaw for aerated concrete
Cellular, foam or aerated concrete is a concrete product with gas bubbles in it, making the material light, strong and easy to work with with the aerated concrete handsaw and with the stonemason's French drag. The aerated concrete handsaw has a thick (approx. 1.5 mm) tapered blade (approx. 50-70 cm). The large carbide (widia) teeth (30-40) are angled forward, so they saw when pushing the tool. See also the handsaw. [MOT]
Hand ratchet brace
This hand ratchet brace works on the same principle as the common brace but has a lever instead of a U-shaped bracket. This lever works according to a ratchet mechanism and can be moved with back and forth strokes. Where there is no room for the normal brace, this type can be used. See also the engineer's ratchet braceĀ for metal. [MOT]